Welcome to the glidertracker Tracking Hub

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The Tracking Hub allows you to combine various location tracking sources and feed them to the Open Glider Net. This allows you to use all functionalities of the OGN community, including SAR even in regions where no OGN receiver is located.

Modern technologies allow different ways to track your position. All different have their own specific advantages and disadvantages. This project allows to combine all the different tracking data sources to get the best out of all tracking channels as there are.
OGN Open Glider network based on FLARMĀ®
Mobile Tracking based on mobile phones
ADS-B based on Mode-S Transponder
SPOT based on satellite telephone

Especially mobile tracking and OGN benefit from the specific advantages. Mobile tracking works good on ground and in alpine regions as it is based on Cell phone network. The drawback is that it does not work in high altitudes. In great altitudes OGN and ADS-B work best. So these techniques are more and less complementary. Personal locator transmitters PLT such as SPOT are based on telephone satellite systems and have big advantages as they are independent from any infrastructure. SPOT has the best coverage worldwide and might work even if all other techniques fail. The disadvantage is the fairy low data rate of typical every 15 minutes, which is not sufficient for live tracking but for SAR purposes.

Type Data Interval Reception range Range Disadvantage
OGN 1s Good > 1000m GND
Very weak below
The higher the better Bad near ground
ADS-B 5s Good > 500m GND
weak below
The higher the better Bad near ground
Mobile Phone 1 .. 60s Good < 500m GND
weak above
The lower the better Need cell phone network
SPOT 5 .. 15 min Perfect infinite Very Slow
additional cost
All the techniques have their own specific tracking websites also with its specific dis-/advantages. This Project combines all tracking sources to have one central tracking at a glance independent from the tracking technique itself. In case of mobile tracking it also provides this data into the cockpit for example to have a better traffic awareness.